Randy Duchaine, Photographer.

On and off, Randy and I worked together for over five years on our book about the people of New York’s waterfront, New York Waters: Profiles From the Edge. Although we hadn’t met before we started the project, we found we shared a happy similarity in our philosophy to our subject matter. As Randy says on his website, “The camera is my entrée to people who do interesting things. There are no ordinary people—only unique stories, and it’s my privilege to help bring them to light.” For an idea of how we collaborated, you can read my interview with Jill Dearman in her excellent Barnes & Noble blog, Writer to Writer.

Daniel Wiener, Artist and Web Designer

Daniel is a sculptor, painter, and bookworm who brings both a natural empathy for writers as well as an unusual aesthetic sensibility to the often mind-numbing world of website design. He’s done sites for such institutions and people as the Bill T. Jones Dance Company, the Keith Haring Foundation, and novelist, filmmaker, and playwright Peter Hedges. I was lucky to get his skills and droll companionship for this site and I’d recommend him to anyone.

The Writers Room

A huge thank-you to the Writers Room in New York for years of unbelievably cheap sanctuary and (pretty good) coffee in the company of like-minded people. None of my writing would have been possible without it and I remain incredibly grateful to its director, Donna Brodie, and her staff.

Elaine Edelman, Writer and Teacher.

I owe a huge debt to this wonderful teacher for many reasons, not least for taking me aside years ago after I submitted my first piece of fiction to her writing class at the New School and gently suggesting I try nonfiction instead.

Connie Rosenblum, Writer and Editor

As editor of the Sunday Times’ City section, Connie was responsible for nurturing not just myself but countless freelancers who got their first shot at the Times through her wonderful and much-missed lens into the life of the metropolis.

And last, but most importantly, to my wife, Nina, without whom nothing in my life would have been possible.