Olga Bloom 1919-2011

Olga Bloom. Photo: Randy Duchaine

Olga Bloom, the founder of Bargemusic, the floating chamber music venue beneath the Brooklyn Bridge, died on Thanksgiving Day, aged 92. If anyone could be said to have lived a full life, it was Olga. When photographer Randy Duchaine and myself were planning our book about the men and women of New York’s waterfront, we knew without question Olga had to be a part of it. She exemplified to the fullest the spirit of the people we were looking for: those who threw up everything conventional in their lives to follow a vision. Meeting her, she was certainly unconventional, as well as charming, driven and uncompromising. It was a privilege to include her in our book and a privilege to have our launch party in the wonderful confines of her restored coffee barge. The Times has a brief obituary, and a recent longer article here. Fortunately for New York City and its waterfront, Mark Peskanov, her chosen successor, will continue to follow her vision as she would have wished.


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