NY Times, 2007

“This self-styled ‘record of urban life’ offers delightful profiles of fishermen, tugboat captains, sailmakers, tour guides and other waterfront denizens…”
—Sam Roberts, The New York Times

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Sea History Magazine

“The subjects here are eloquent in their passion for the Harbor’s ‘corrugated and variegated beauty… With maritime industry in New York Harbor increasingly imperiled, and so-called ‘development’ increasingly sterile, New York Waters: Profiles From the Edge is a welcome plea for the unexpected.”
—Arden Scott, Sea History magazine

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Our Town Downtown

“The newest book in the New York City waterfront canon is not nostalgic. At least, it’s not meant to be. ‘You know, I tried to avoid it because I’m sort of mistrustful of nostalgia,’ says Ben Gibberd, its author. Gibberd’s 2500-word profiles of people who work or play on our shores are as sanguine as he, and the accompanying photographs by Randy Duchaine show subjects smiling or hard at work or both…”

—From an interview with Becka Tucker in Our Town Downtown magazine, June 2007

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NY1 News, 2007

“I highly recommend it. A lot of interesting stories in there…”
-Kristen Shaughnessy, NY1 News, August 2007

Writer to Writer Blog, 2010

“Something about the combination of text and photos in New York Waters conjured up one of my favorite books, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Could you tell us about the conception of New York Waters and what it was like collaborating with photographer Randy Duchaine?”

—From an interview with Jill Dearman in her Barnes & Noble blog, Writer to Writer, February 2010

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